Who we are


Global Service for Enterprises works towards the pursuit  of the company mission by accompanying companies from the definition of objectives to the realization and implementation of the best growth pathc, both directly and through the creation and development of networks  of initiatives on a company, inter-company, local and national and international basis, promoting the exchange of good practices to strengthen thetrasferability of know-how and skills.


About us


Since 2001, Global Service for Enterprises has carried out consultancy dedicated to a vast market of public and private companies. Our team of professionals and specialized consultants supports companies with passion and expertise, providing specialized assistance services tailored to the growth needs of companies, through partnerships with national and international companies created over the years thanks to the sharing in a network of know-how and research and development projects dedicated to the business world.

Global Service for Enterprises is able to develop customized interventions on the specific needs of companies, institutions and private customers, providing complete assistance and competent support. We guarantee assistance to companies in the broader sector of human reso