Grow together with our customers and give value to their business


The goal of G.S.E. is to foster presence of Italian companies operating in the Food & Beverage sector in the UK market, laying the foundations for a long-term collaboration and developing, in a sustainable period of time, real and continuous sales.

We are a structured agency able to create the value that our customers are seeking by building strong relationships based on collaboration, quality and professionalism of service, integrity and mutual respect.

market research

The research is carried out analyzing the market on several points of view and it is done by analysts on the basis of information provided by the client company, and, secondly, shared with the Export Manager in order to make the commercial activities more effective.

sector and competitors

Secondly we will analyze in detail the sector and we will focus on the internationalization strategies implemented by the main competitors of our client, in order to provide him with the most complete picture possible of the market and to allow him to evaluate the choices made by the Export Manager

contact and sales

Thanks to our long-standing experience we boast excellent relationships with commercial and distribution networks in Uk and Italy, which allow our staff to identify the best agents and customers in the English and Italian food sector, that are more suitable with our cilient company.


Global Service for Enterprises works towards the pursuit of the company mission by accompanying companies from the definition of objectives to the realization and implementation of the best growth paths, both directly and through the creation and development of networks of initiatives on a company, inter-company, local and national and international basis, promoting the exchange of good practices to strengthen the transferability of know-how and skills.