International trade consultancy



The goal of G.S.E. is to foster presence of Italian companies operating in the Food & Beverage sector in the UK market, laying the foundations for a long-term collaboration and developing, in a sustainable period, real and continuous sales.

To pursue this goal G.S.E. offers specialized export services and complete commercial and marketing consultancy for a specific market and specific customer targets. Each customer company can enjoy a professional, specialized and tailormade consultancy for a network of international partner companies.

The possibilities of access to world-wide databases and highly qualified consultants, such as professional Export Managers, also guarantee the best of commercial advice for business internationalization. The G.S.E. is constantly seeking out international partners with whom develop synergies.

Our method:

Our work methodology is carried out in four phases:

  1. In the first phase, in collaboration with analysts and the Italian entrepreneur, we evaluate the most interesting target markets, carrying out a market analysis based on the information provided by the client company.
  2. In the second phase we analyze the sector in detail and focus on the strategies implemented by our client's main competitors (pricing, entry strategies, marketing strategies ...), in order to provide them with the most complete picture of the market and allow them to evaluate the choices made by the Export Manager.
  3. In the third phase we proceed seeking out prospects in the target market and we arrange business meetings with agents and customers in the food sector, most suitable to the client company. Our goal is to build solid relationships based on collaboration, on the quality and professionalism of the service and on integrity and mutual respect.
  4. 4. In the fourth phase we accompany our client in all those activities necessary for the finalization of the commercial agreement: from marketing strategy, to legal, customs and administrative requirements.